Physical Chemistry

Lund University

Our research deals with surface and colloid science.

Research at the Division of Physical Chemistry deals with surface and colloid science with strong links between experiment and theory. This area is approached with a broad perspective ranging from basic considerations of intermolecular interaction and their manifestations in condensed systems to practical consequences in industry and medicine.


Protein Science Day Öresund Kattegat Skagerrak (ÖKS) 2016

11th of May 2016 at Lundmarksalen, Astronomy Building, Lund University, Sweden. Hosted by Molecular Recognition in Life (MoReLife), Imaging of 3D structures, ESS, MAX IV and MAX4ESSFUN



Light can put active particles into motion

Joakim Stenhammar developed a model in which patterns of light control the movement of active particles.



Neutrons and Food 4 will be held at Lund University from May 31st to June 2nd 2016

We welcome participants and contributions from the wider community of food science and product development, food



Camurus on the stock market!

Camurus AB, the research based pharmaceutical company with close links to Physical Chemistry, is now on the stock