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Research at the Division of Physical Chemistry deals with surface and colloid science with strong links between experiment and theory. This area is approached with a broad perspective ranging from basic considerations of intermolecular interaction and their manifestations in condensed systems to practical consequences in industry and medicine.



Divisions well represented at ECIS2014

28th European Colloid&Interface Society Conference ECIS2014 Limassol, Cyprus, 7- 12 September 2014 Physical



Nanoskogar ska avslöja cellers hemligheter

Med hjälp av vertikala nanotrådar kan man öka möjligheten att i detalj studera vad som händer på ytan av celler.



Professor Peter Schurtenberger has been elected as member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

On Tuesday June 17th it was announced that Professor Peter Schurtenberger at Lund University has been elected as member



Grundforskare samarbetar med kosmetikaindustrin

Med våra vätskerika, varma kroppar i en torr omgivning skulle vi alla ha avdunstat och skrumpnat ihop till små mumier,




Physical Chemistry Seminar:

Re-Entrant Lamellar/Onion Transition with Varying Temperature under Shear Flow in a Nonionic Surfactant/Water System. September 22 at 14:00, Kemicentrum, Lecture Hall G[more]


Physical Chemistry Seminar:

Spontaneous Directionality in Anisotropic Floppy Colloids. September 23, 14:15, Kemicentrum, lecture hall F[more]



Nanostructured interfaces: Formation, Properties and Applications. September 25, at 13:00, Kemicentrum, Lecture Hall B[more]


Defence of Thesis in physical chemistry

Marianna Yanez Arteta. "Nanostructured surfaces created by the interactions of dendrimers and oppositely charged amphiphiles". September 26 at 10:15, Kemicentrum, Lecture Hall B


Symposium: Realizing reformulation

A symposium on surface and materials chemistry 22-24 October 2014 in Lund[more]