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Research at the Division of Physical Chemistry deals with surface and colloid science with strong links between experiment and theory. This area is approached with a broad perspective ranging from basic considerations of intermolecular interaction and their manifestations in condensed systems to practical consequences in industry and medicine.



Charge-Induced Patchy Attractions between Proteins

An article by scientists at the Division of Physical Chemistry is the ACS Editors' Choice in the Journal of Physical Chemistry.



Professor Yeshayahu Talmon appointed Honorary Doctor

Professor Yeshayahu Talmon whom has been a regular visitor at the division of Physical Chemistry for a number of



The formation of tubular structures through self-assembly requires much less geometrical and interaction specificity than previously thought

Existing consensus of successful models are challenged and presented in article.



Does colloid science provide insight into the molecular origins for presbyopia?

Recent research findings on the subject are presented in a paper.




Physical Chemistry Seminar

Monday 23 March at 14:15 in Kemicentrum, Lecture hall F.[more]